Dutch Pies brings the taste of Holland far East and freshly to your door!!

Since 2012 Dutch Pies daily produces pies, cakes and tarts. Dutch style pies are characterized by their content. Not many other places in the world sell pies with rice pudding, apple-lemon or vanilla pudding fillings. Dutch Pies is even the first bakery in the world selling a hawthorn pie!!

Our experts have combined the most suitable topping for each pie. Nevertheless, people have different tastes and preferences. If you prefer a different topping on your pie, let us know and we will tailor make it for you!!

Dutch Pies’ recipes come from Stramproy, Limburg, where Nel Stevens has been baking pies since the 1950’s. Now at age, she feels very content to see that the recipes she passed on to her grandson are being used to feed the Shanghai market.

All of our products are prepared and baked in the traditional way: using manual methods rather than machines and using only the best ingredients available.

Pies from Dutch Pies are unique to Shanghai and a delicious treat to surprise your friends, family and colleagues at any given occasion.