Brownie Tart
For the true chocolate lover!
This brownie is exactly what you expect from a brownie. It gives you a kick like only real chocolate can do. When you put a piece in your mouth it slightly sticks to your palate and fills your mouth with chocolate. 
It is so dense in chocolate that you can keep it much longer than the other products in our assortment.
cm diameter
contains dairy
serves 4-6 people
L - 9 inch
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Serving Advice

This brownie is best eaten at room temperature or slightly warm.

Keeping Advice

You can keep this brownie up to 24 hours at room temperature of up to 7 days while refrigerated at 2-5 °C.

Key Ingredients

dark chocolate, butter, cream, flour

Cutlery Notice

Please note that our pies and cakes come standard without utensils. If you need any please order them along with your cake or pie